schizo vibrant / Arendse Krabbe


Movimento, Corpos, Escuta

Schizo Archive

Archive of sound experiments

Sensory garden in a forest of Cypress

Barbershop – Haircuts with or without citizenship

interplanetary trans-temporal metempsychic drifters

36.52 degrees in cycle and other rhythms

inter planetary hemispheric endolithic drifters

I am because we are

Performing Law

The Haustoria Complex Part II

The Haustoria Complex Part I

Archive Hibernation

Performing Loop

SPØRGSMÅL FORMER VIRKELIGHEDER – en vævning af lyden i rum 2-015 den 18.05.2017

Trampoline House

Among sister Venus and earthlings; Bacteria, Lichen and me

Open source food


subsurface soundscapes

The birds of Ringparken

The ears of Hedeboparken

Perhaps when I am over the hump with my present work I shall be able to write a critical essay

Guattari Reading Circle

Sea foam witnesses

The Bridge Radio